An update from the event steward

Hello everbody,

We understand that everyone is eager for information about Autumn Crown and we finally have some news to share with you all. Today the event team, autocrat and cook, have had a meeting with the Drachenwald Seneshal and their Majesties where we discussed the current situation and how we’ll go forward.

Tomorrown we are exactly 3 months away from the event and we believe that the current trend is such that we will be able to hold the event. But, since we do live in interesting times we’re of course planning for everything.

We will open registration on Saturday the 11th of July, nine o’clock in the evening.

Then the event team, together with their Majesties and the Seneshal of Drachenwald will have a meeting on the 27th of August deciding if it looks like we’ll be able to hold the event. We are aware that things can happens in the six weeks between the 27th of August and the 9th of October, but this is the date we have decided on in our combined wisdom.

You will not be requested to pay before this date, you will get payment instructions on the 28th of August or you will get the sad mail saying that we have decided to cancel the event.

Do not pay until you have received this mail!

We are working with those that we rent the site from in getting more rooms to sleep in. I am hopeful to be able to provide more information about the sleeping arrangements including photos before Saturday, since I understand that this is something that will be of great importance to your decision to attend or not.

What we have decided on is to move the fighting outdoors, it was first planned to be indoors but we have decided to cancel those plans.

We are making plans for keeping the site and event as safe as possible. Everything is not set in stone yet though.

Our first and foremost concern is the safety of the friends we play this game with. If our feeling is that we cannot hold a safe event, we will cancel. Secondly we must adhere to mundane law, if we cannot hold an event while adhering to law, we will cancel.

Lastly, it’s possible that there will still be travel restrictions that makes it impossible or very hard for some of the populace to attend the event and participate in the tourney. This will be considered when we decide on the 27th.

Any questions regarding the event can be sent to

Yours in Service,
Þórólfr Blót-Úlfsson